I always found my treatments with Alfredo deeply relaxing. I have a chronic back pain and I’ve had several treatments to alleviate this painful condition and I’ve always been impressed by Alfredo’s professionalism and intuition. Alfredo was able to pick up a great deal of information from listening to my body and I always felt much better after a treatment. I believe he is a very skilled healer.

‘Alfredo’s approach is both warm and professional, his cranio-sacral treatments are so profoundly relaxing that I drift off during the sessions, to the point that i always almost fall asleep. Afterwards I feel transported and clear, my energy is revitalised, my sleep more restorative and my general well-being improved.’

“I have been having treatment sessions with Alfredo over the past few months because I just could not sleep and i used to suffer from stress. Now i really do feel a lot better. My insomnia has gone and I am coping with stress and anxiety much better than I did before. My general health both mental and physical has improved and I now see the glass half full rather than half empty.”

“I had a car crash, which created some serious problems in my central/upper back area that caused me physical pain and mental distress. My GP and the few doctors I went to visit were unhelpful and unsupportive, mainly because I did not have a broken bone; they assumed that I was going to be fine in a very short time. Yet, my pain was there and the situation was not improving. Meeting Alfredo was a changing point in my condition. The sessions we had together have been a significant element in my recovery process. Thanks to his understanding of the problem and his knowledge of the human body, his treatment has been fundamental in my healing.”